stockBare Root Native Hedging

During the bare root planting season (traditionally November to March) we hold a comprehensive range of native hedging plants including hawthorn, blackthorn, field maple, hazel, dogwood, dog rose, spindle, hornbeam, green and copper beech, viburnum opulus and lantana amongst others ranging in sizes from 40/60 cm to 100/125 cm.

stock1Bare Root Native, Ornamental and Fruit Trees

Along with the staple, oak, beech, birch, hornbeam, lime, wild cherry, chestnut, rowen etc, we hold a range of ornamental trees including various birches, flowering cherries/crab apple/plum/pear, sorbus, gleditsia, davidii and willows to name but a few. The list is extensive, ever changing as is the range of sizes. As for bare root fruit trees we keep the most popular varieties of apple, pear, plum/gages, cherries, apricot, peach, quince and increasingly some Norfolk/heritage varieties, mostly 1 yr maidens or 2 yr bushes.

stock2Evergreen and Semi Mature/Instant Hedging/Screening

For that instant screen/hedge we keep larger root balled plants including thuja plicata (the new leylandii), portuguese and cherry laurel, photinia “red robin” and yew (taxus) box (buxus), yew (taxus), laurel (prunus) and thuja are kept as smaller bare root plants.

Tall Hedge, Endless Seamless PatternContainer Grown Trees, Shrubs and Hedging

During March/April we containerise a lot of bare root stock so most but not all of the above are available in pots for all year round planting.

stock3Bamboo Plants and Poles

We currently stock about 45 varieties of bamboo plants (bashania, borinda, fargesia, hibanobambusa, indocalamus, phyllostachys, pseudosasa, sasa, sasaella, semiarundinaria, shibataea, thamnocalamus, yushania) in a range of pot sizes from 2 to 45 ltr. The bamboo poles are in 10 ft length and up to 6 inch diameter.

stock5Planting Sundries

We stock 3 ft canes, 12/14 lb, for use in conjunction with the clear 60 cm spiral rabbit guards along with 6, 7 and 8 ft heavy duty canes for the larger plants and small trees. Mipex/weed suppressant planting membrane is stocked in 1, 2 and 3 mtr widths. Stakes and tree ties are stocked in various lengths and sizes to cover any eventuality.